A Journey To Remember

It was the end of summer 2003. We, four of us, decided to make a roadtrip from Minneapolis to Vancouver through Seattle and Victoria BC. It was a journey to be remembered. 36 hours of driving just to reach the sea. Picture above was taken somewhere in Montana.

Picture of us on the boarding ferry to Victoria. From left, Zulhusni, Fazrul and Ramzanul.

We reached Seattle on a hot afternoon, after spending the night camping at Olympic National Park. Top picture is Fazrul spotted at Seattle Pike Place Market, famously trading since 1907. Bottom picture is aerial view from the Space Needle, the tower which is excessively potrayed in TV series Grey's Anatomy.

Upon reaching Victoria BC, we decided to hunt for some whales. Though the results was futile, we learnt the invaluable experience--not to trust everything Lonely Planet says. Picture above is Fazrul and me getting ready for the ride. There is also an awesome foodstall on the corner.

On the return journey, the challenges dragged on. Our car, a 1995 Honda, broke down because of multiple failures. We stranded in a vague town, in the prairie state, Wyoming, for one night. Picture above is me, waiting for the workshop to open in the early morning.

Siam Girl

Siam Girl, originally uploaded by zulhusni.

Two strangers found themselves in the warp of time and space.

Baha Generator Remaco

Baha Generator, originally uploaded by zulhusni.

Captured by the famous photographer, Azham G, during Remaco Annual Dinner 2009, somewhere in Klang Valley.

D90 'Unboxing' Video!

My 'unbox' test film using D90. All shots are taken within 24-hr out of the box. Lenses used are 50mm 1.8 and 18-105mm.

1. Good 24fps rate. Very cinematic-like with max. res. of 720p. Mpeg4 format.
2. No auto-focus while recording. Bluergh.
3. Keeping the shots steady can be challenging. Tripod is key.
4. Some 'banding' can be observed under artificial light. But can use AE-Lock function to reduce flickering.
5. Built-in mono audio recording. Bummer.

No, I Am Not Hurt At All.

I took a glance outside.
The sky was blue.

As I stood up, I saw the tray coming my way.
The skirt was orange.
The smile was pristine.
And the was turbulence.

Undaunted, I stormed to the back.
Rushing to the confined space.

Gravity released me.
I peed.

Though the suction was loud and intense.
I was relieved.

Hungry and looking for food

The Wall Dancer

Have you heard the news?
There is water on the Moon.


Heikal Schlumberger's Big Day
Heikal Schlumberger's Big Day
Heikal Schlumberger's Big Day
Heikal Schlumberger's Big Day
Heikal Schlumberger's Big Day

June 6

Don't be fooled by the following picture. Really.

Don't be fooled by the following picture. Really.
Terms and condition apply.


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